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What Is Roller Derby

Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby an exciting, fast-paced, full contact sport reborn in Austin, TX in the early 2000’s. Unlike the cartoonish roller derby of previous decades, modern-day roller derby is a legitimate sport with real game play, strategy and athleticism. This all-female sport is growing in popularity and currently played by over 20,000 woman worldwide.

Game play consists of two 30 minute halves against two teams of five. Played on an oval flat track, the goal is to get your jammer to break through the pack of blockers first to become lead jammer.

Points are scored when the jammer passes an opposing blocker. Players skate for a 2 minute jam or until the lead jammer calls off the jam, ending play and allowing 30 seconds for players to enter/exit the track for the next start of game play.

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