Fairy Quadmothers

North Texas Roller Derby values roller derby veterans! Are you retiring, but not quite ready to hang up your skates? Are you retired, but wish there was a no-pressure way to derby at your own pace? North Texas Roller Derby might be the home you're looking for!

Join the North Texas Roller Derby retired skater program, team Fairy Quadmothers. Program participants have access to the league without the rigorous demands of being a full-time skater.

Email Training@NorthTexasRollerDerby.com for more information, or click the Join Us button below to start your magical journey today!
Requirements: Eligible members should have skated a minimum of 5 competitive years.  While NTRD would never turn away volunteers, program participants are only asked to perform one volunteer activity per quarter.  They have done their time.  

Volunteer activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Leading a practice
  • Helping with fundraisers
  • NSO
  • Production
  • Street Team

In addition to 1 Volunteer Activity/Quarter, program participants must pay monthly dues of $10 and keep WFTDA insurance up to date.

Retired Skater Program Benefits*: With this membership, you are allowed the following:

  • Attend “All League” and select Team practices at Coach’s discretion
  • Access to “All League” forms of mass communication (GroupMe, Facebook, etc.) *Could be viewed as a punishment for some
  • Invited to skate in Themed Games and NTRD clinics at NTRD discounted price.
  • Could be invited to skate in a home team game if need arises

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