Feed your ex to a chicken

Turn your ex into the worm they are, and feed them to the birds.
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers! NTRD is celebrating a new way to warm the depths of your cold, black heart.

Join us on Friday, February 14, 2020, during a Facebook live streaming event supporting our upcoming travel season. For $5 minimum donation, NTRD will feed well-loved chickens a worm named after your villainous ex.

But don't stop at your ex! Remember when your boss took credit for your idea at that meeting last week, or freaking Ted who thinks you'd be prettier if you'd just smile, or Sally who's one more side eye away from catching hands? Cackle with vindicated delight as they’re pecked and mauled, and meet their doom. You'll also be supporting a good cause, hungry chickens and our travel team.


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*Traditional chicken feed and worms will be provided.

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