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The Battling Mermaids took on the Twin City Knockers in Shreveport Saturday night. They fell behind early in the first half, but slowly chipped away at the Knockers lead during the last 10 minutes of the half. By halftime the Mermaids had erased the deficit and pulled ahead 86-79. In the second half there were some hard hits and the Mermaids started to built a lead. Three minutes into the half the score was 101-84. Lead by Beelzebetsy's 16 and 19 point jams the Mermaids increased their lead and with 10 minutes left the score was 160-125.The Mermaids were solid in their last performance of the season, finishing with a 215-180 victory. Beelzebetsy was the MVP jammer and Yellin' Griswold was MVP blocker.

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