5 Reasons You Should Join Roller Derby While in College

1. Healthy Body = Healthy Mind = Healthy Grades

It's no secret that exercising has amazing health benefits for body, spirit and mind, and learning to play roller derby is some of the most intense exercise you can get! Learning to play roller derby and training with your team is an excellent way to reduce stress, release feel-good chemicals in your brain, and keep your mind happy and healthy. Keeping your brain and body healthy is absolutely essential when it comes to a successful college career.  

2. College Is a Time to Experiment
I've lost count of how many times I've heard a professor talk about "expanding your horizons in college" while they go through the syllabus and tell you about all the expensive books they want you to buy on the first day. It's cliche, but it's true.

College is the perfect time to try new things and take on new challenges, and there is no experience or challenge like learning to play this bad-ass sport (not to mention, it is a much healthier alternative to some other things you could be experimenting with in college ...).

3. Time Management
College is a time to learn all the important life skills you'll need one day in the "real world." Joining a roller derby league can be a big-time commitment, with practices, volunteering and recruiting events, but it is worth it and you will pick up some amazing time-management skills in the process. When you love something the way derby people love derby, you find time for it. Trust me.

4. Bulk Up Your Resume
Remember in high school when everyone kept pressuring you to do a bunch of things that would "look good on your college application?" Hurray! You did it! You got into college and now no one cares what your high school transcript looks like! Now you can start doing a bunch of things that will look good on your resume, and believe it or not, roller derby gives you those opportunities (and is much more exciting than that SAT Prep course you had to take).

Whether you sign up to work in your league's media committee (design pieces to put in your portfolio!), help organize fundraising events (planning and budgeting experience!) or end up being your team captain (group management skills!), volunteering in your derby league provides you so many opportunities to gain work-life experiences. Those important lessons not only help support your nonprofit roller derby organization, but also give you professional skills to bulk up your resume.

5.  College is Hard. Derby is Love.
College is hard, y'all. Often times students are leaving home for the first time and moving away from their families and communities they've been a part of their entire lives. Most college campuses will have opportunities for you to get social and connected with other students on campus, but if you're anything like me, sometimes you might not fit in with those communities for a variety of reason.

Joining roller derby helps you connect to a strong, empowering group of women in your community who are always there to support and encourage you. Whenever you need it. Forever and ever. Even in the zombie apocalypse.



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Friday, 05 June 2020
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