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Red Reaper

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  • Matches: 2012
  • Club Name: Fighting Unicorns
  • Previous Club: Rockin’ City
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I'm 30 years old and am returning to skating after the birth of my identical twin sons. 2019 will be my 5th season of roller derby and my 7th year. My proudest moment as a skater has been making Team Texas and competing at State Wars in December 2015. I've had one injury, a meniscus tear which required surgery in 2014. I also met my husband here. My children literally would not exist had I not found roller derby and fallen deeply in love with it. I think that's amazing. What has been interesting to me about roller derby is that the reasons for sticking around are always evolving. Initially, I wanted a new challenge (year 1), then I wanted to get better (years 2 & 3), then I NEEDED to compete (years 3, 4, & 5), then I wanted to get back to my roots and just have fun after a burnout (year 6). Now? Now in year 7 I need to hang on to some part of myself that isn't just a mother and wife. No matter the reason, derby fuels my fire and allows me to be truly free.

Some fun facts:

  1. In my 4 full seasons skating, I have contributed to losing 4 home team championship games at 2 separate leagues. *nailing it!* (Seriously, don't ever draft me. I'm beginning to think I'm bad luck.)
  2. I once skated a 2.5 minute jam in a sanctioned bout. I'm still wondering how long it might have gone on had I not called it off.
  3. All 5 of my pets have Batman-themed names (Batman, Catwoman, Harvey Dent, Victor Fries, and (Bonzai) Cobblepot)

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