Purple People Eater

Purple People Eater

  • Full Name

    Aislynn / Ace


  • Matches: 2018
  • Club Name: Battling Mermaids
  • Previous Club: Rockin’ City
Battling Mermaids 2018 Matches Played


My name is Ace, and outside of derby I'm an artist. I've painted helmets, murals, clothes, faces, and occasionally I paint on canvas if I'm feeling really daring. (You might be able to see one of my works on the wall if you stop by our rink!) I first started derby in 2017, and skated my first year with North Texas Fallout before joining NTRD as a Battling Mermaid in September 2018. I hadn't ever put on a pair of skates before derby, but after seeing my first NTRD game I immediately made someone teach me. I'd never been athletic before and it didn't seem possible that I could be like all the cool, strong ladies out there, but for some reason I decided that I should at least try a few practices - and I'm so glad I did. My time in derby so far has given me an awesome family, tons of support, and has shown me I'm capable of some amazing things if I put my mind to it! I look forward to the rest of my derby career trying to catch up to the rest of these badass women.

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